February 8, 2021

Coffee, study and startup.

This is my first try to write a full article in English. I'll be happy if you tell me about any mistakes.

This is my first article on Teletype! Also, first completely in English🎉. Here I wanna tell you about myself.

My name is Ilya. I am a first-year student at MAI [Moscow Aviation Institute], and also a creative person. Sometimes I call myself a 'designer' But let's be honest - I am a self-educated designer.


I've been trying to start a blog for several years. But every time, something went wrong: banal laziness, lack of time, or a change in my interests.

I've tried to choose a specific topic, forced myself to write regularly. Unfortunately, I was out of thoughts. And now I'm ready to make the last try. Of course, I need your support.

Sometimes, to relieve my thoughts a little, I will insert randomly generated separators. They do not need to be evaluated and do not play any role.


It's no accident that I write about coffee. The fact is that I am developing a unique platform for all coffee lovers in the world. Read more about it in another paragraph. Here, in the category "Кофе" you will find articles about various grains, easy and tasty recipes of coffee drinks, as well as the coolest, in my opinion, places with the best coffee!


I'm a designer. Partly. Having no professional education, I manage to fulfill the most real orders for various types of services. And most importantly, people like it. Someone may criticize this approach, but the reality shows us that higher education is fading into the background, while the focus is shifting to your desire, perseverance, and learning ability. In the category "Дизайн" you will find short articles where I share either my work or interesting, in my opinion, design techniques.

Business + Startup

I'm also a startup founder! And a young businessman. That sounds pretty impressive, isn't it? In practice, I'm just taking my first steps in both worlds. As a businessman, I sell furniture and accessories. You can take a look at frescokrd.ru

My startup - as I said, is a worldwide platform for coffee lovers. It is called "Roasty" Together with my friend Leon, we are actively working on the application. (Follow it on Twitter)

Wow, that was an unbelievable experience for me to write in English!

I'll leave you one of my Spotify playlists here to listen to at your leisure. Listen to it, share and dance.

I'm still standing...Yeah...Yeah...Yeah